Urpower Essential Oil Diffusor & Travel Humidifier Review

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Urpower Essential Oil Diffusor & Travel Humidifier

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Oil diffusor and humidifier




This is a review of Urpower Essential Oil Diffusor. Make sure that you read our in-depth review before you buy.

The Urpower Travel Humidifier is a lovely little device to take on trips or keep in your office. These are fantastic devices to use when you do not like the dry air in your hotel room, or you could use the device to diffuse essential oils into the air. You simply need to decide what you need when you get into a small space. The purpose of the humidifier is to keep your lungs healthy, to prevent illness, and to make your travels a little bit more comfortable.  

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What Does It Do?

This humidifier is a mister that will work in any room, but you need to know how much water to use, how long to leave the device running, and how large the room is. This is a device that uses the ultrasonic wave chip so that you get more than just the mist. You also get the soft ultrasonic wave that will give you a calming sound to go along with the waves that come out of the mist.

The Aroma

You can diffuse any essential oil that you like with this device, but you also need to be sure that you have found an oil that you can tolerate. If you want to use essential oils, you can mix them in with the water that is in the trough in the base of the machine.

It is very smart for you to use oils that will be calming, and you can make the whole room smell much better. This is a very nice way for people to make their office smell good, or you could choose to run the device without any oils because your ant to have that fresh water smell that almost makes it smell like it has just rained. 

Six Hours Of Fragrance

You get six hours of fragrance when you are using these devices. They will run on a full tank of water for that period of time, and they will shut off when the water runs out. You get the safety feature that you need from this device, and you can turn it on when you go to sleep knowing that it will shut off in the night with no problem at all.

Essential Features

You do not use filters when running this device, and you do not need to worry about using any filtered water. The device can filter the water using the ultrasonic technology, and it will run without any help from you. All you need to do is keep it clean.

You can run it in any situation because it is very quiet, and you can use the device in any room because it looks pretty. The attractive design allows you to use the diffuser in any room without standing out from the design. Use a little tap water and 2 or 3 drops of oil to get the scent that you want.

Instructions on how to operate the Urpower Humidifier

The Specifications

This device is 3.1"x5.5", and it is small enough that it will hide in most rooms. There are a lot of people who want something they can travel with, and it can even fit into a large briefcase. You get a long power cable that plugs into a traditional socket, and you can use the device for long periods of time without service because you do not need to clean the ultrasonic chip. You should run the device with just water so that it will be cleaned out, and you need to remember that this device has a warranty that will back it up if something ever goes wrong.

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Final Thoughts On The Urpower Travel Humidifier & Essential Oil Diffusor

There are many people who need a home diffuser, and you should look at the Urpower because it can fit into any bag, travel to any place, and allow you to use unfiltered water. You also need to be sure that you use this device because it has a long cable and a good warranty.


  • Small and easy to use
  • You never need to use a filter
  • You can use this device in any space
  • You can diffuse oil with this device
  • You can use this device to make the room smell fresh
  • This device cannot diffuse in a large room
  • You might not like the pulses of the ultrasonic chip
  • You might prefer to use a device that has a darker design
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