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Smoke Hollow Portable Grill
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Smoke Hollow 205 Stainless Steel Portable Table Top Grill

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Portable Grill




This is a review of the Smoke Hollow 205 Portable Grill.  Make sure that you read our in-depth review before you buy.

Do you ever find yourself wishing that you could grill on the road, without having to limit yourself to those disgusting, metal, public grills? Me too. Getting a portable grill was the obviously solution to this, as I could take it camping, to the beach, or out on a picnic with my family. This also gave us increased flexibility, because we could grill even where there were no public grills. 

What To Expect

The Smoke Hollow 205 Gas Grill is a great choice for those looking to buy a portable, gas grill without breaking the bank. This affordable grill allows you to take grilling nearly anywhere. Instead of having fire-warmed baked beans next time you are camping, consider bringing this grill. That way you can cook delicious burgers or hot dogs, making the whole experience much more enjoyable. At the beach, you won’t be held hostage by the expensive, but underwhelming snack bar – you can grill your own goods. 

Food On The Smoke Hollow Grill


This grill features a self-standing feature, meaning that it can stand on its own legs. You will not need a table to set it up on. The Smoke Hollow 205 also only weighs 20 pounds and has a small footprint. This makes it easier to pack in the car for a long week. It is smartly designed to fold up when not in use, making it even easier to transport. You can use small propane tanks with this grill, or you can use bigger ones with a hose. If you are going to be using the Smoke Hollow 205 in one place for a while, the bigger propane tank might be a better overall value. 

There is an upper warming rack on this grill, which can be used to keep finished food warm while the rest of the meat cooks or toast your hamburger buns. A temperature gauge can also help you reach the perfect temperature for the specific foods that you are cooking. The Smoke Hollow 205 is a long-lasting grill, that should take you through many grilling seasons. It is also small and lightweight, meaning that you can take it nearly anywhere.

Inside Of The Smoke Hollow Grill

Pros Of The Smoke Hollow 205 Portable Travel Grill

Temperature Gauge: you can get accurate results, even while camping in the wilderness.

Affordable: A price of $103 for this durable portable durable grill is an absolute bargain

Size and Weight: The lightweight and compact design also makes it easier to take the Smoke Hollow 205 nearly anywhere.

Ease of Transport: Folding legs make the grill even easier to transport, as they allow it to take up less space.

Propane: Either one-pound or twenty-pound propane tanks can be used with this grill, making it flexible for your situation. Additionally, propane is one of the most widely available fuels, making it easy to find nearly everywhere.

Warming Rack: The Smoke Hollow 205, unlike many other portable grills, has a warming rack. This allows for a greater diversity of food to be cooked on a single unit. 

An Open Smoke Hollow Portable Grill

Cons Of The Smoke Hollow 205 Portable Travel Grill

Drip Pan: The drip pan of this grill is not secured. If it is not emptied before transport, it can spill everywhere, making a disgusting and greasy mess. 

Small Grilling Surface: This is not necessarily a drawback, but situationally it can be. If you are in the market for a tailgating grill for serving a large group of people, this is not a suitable grill. 

No Cleaning Materials: There are no cleaning materials including with this grill, meaning that you need to purchase them separately. 

Uncoated Racks: Because the racks in this grill are uncoated, meat can stick to the surface, making a mess and possibly ruining your meal. This can be rectified by using a non-stick spray or oiling the rack before cooking.

Final Thoughts On The Smoke Hollow 205 Portable Travel Grill

Grilling is a great joy for many, including myself. The freedom to grill nearly anywhere is something that appeals to me greatly. Hence, I would recommend buying the Smoke Hollow 205 Portable Gas Grill. This product is a fantastic value for the price. This grill has several features that are normally only present on higher-end products. Additionally, it can be flexibly used for different situations.

The warming rack on the grill also allow you to diversify your grilled food options, as it does not face full heat. If you are sick of only being able to grill at home or are looking to replace an under-performing portable grill, check out the Smoke Hollow 205.


  • Temperature Gauge
  • Affordable
  • Small size and weight
  • Ease of transport
  • Uses propane
  • Has a warming rack
  • Drip Pan
  • Small grilling service
  • No cleaning materials included
  • Uncoated Rcks
Smoke Hollow Portable Grill

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