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Coleman Roadtrip Grill
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Coleman Roadtrip LXE Portable Grill

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Portable Travel Grill


$190 (Price depends on color)


This is a review of Coleman Roadtrip LXE Grill. Make sure that you read our in-depth review before you buy.

​Every year my family and I go camping and every year we forget something at home. Whether it’s soap for the showers, bug repellant, or my own sleeping bag, there is always something missing. Even when we have everything our experience always felt like a struggle.

t goes without saying that despite doing it for many years we are still amateurs. On our last trip, I purchased the Coleman LXE Roadtrip Grill. The goal was to ditch the sandwiches, lunchmeat, and granola bars for more hearty, homemade, comfort food in the woods.

The result? Nothing short of amazing. Here is my review of the Coleman LXE Roadtrip Grill so you can form your own opinions.


Have you ever tried cooking breakfast over a fire with a skillet on a brisk mountain morning? Well, I have and its a pain. I found that the PerfectFlow Pressure Control System delivered steady heat while I cooked.

The Coleman LXE Roadtrip Grill has two burners. Each 10,000 BTU’s for a total of 20,000 BTU’s of cooking power. There is no shortage of cooking power for this small, but powerful grill.

The two cast-iron, porcelain grill grates made cleanup easy. It also helped me to maintain a steady burn as I made eggs over easy. The removable grease tray almost made fixing bacon painless- almost. There is no guard to prevent hot bacon grease from singeing my arms. 

I soon found out that the grill holds up great against the wind. Other grills that I’ve owned in the past and compared the Coleman LXE Roadtrip Grill to all suffered from this weakness. Cooking well outside in conditions that are less than ideal is a must. 

The surface of the grill is interchangeable so that you can decide to swap the grill grates for a griddle or stove grates. It makes it extremely handy for cooking breakfast and dinner. These interchangeable cooktops are sold separately.

The cooking dimensions were perfect for what we needed (47 x 19 x 34 in) with a total cooking surface of 285 sq. in. It’s perfect for a small family camping trip. Its small fold up design makes it perfect for storage and easy enough for quick setup.

A Coleman Portable Grill Folded Up And Ready To Move


The grill is fueled by 16.4 oz propane cylinders. It also features InstaStart, a trademark of Coleman, for easy lighting. If you are anything like me, you’ve used matches, long strips of paper, and risked burning your eye brows off attempting to light grills before.

There were times when the propane tank felt small, especially on heavy cooking days. It wasn’t until we got home after our trip that I learned that adapters for a 20 lb. bottle was available. So if cooking is a priority for you be sure to pick one up before you get out there.

Additional Features

When I cook I tend to become scatter brained and I’m always looking for my utensils. Although I didn’t seem to have that problem because it has integrated tool hooks on the front panel. With collapsable shelves on either side of the grill I found cooking to be joyous.

Although, there is something special about cooking over an open flame. There is the classic flame charred taste that makes grilled hotdogs, hamburgers, and veggies delicious. Needless to say, my family loved it. 

While the color wasn’t a big deal for me. It did help when finding a suitable grill for my family because there were several to choose from. We narrowed our decision down to two, black and a deep blue (cobalt). We choose cobalt blue.

Aside from the aesthetics I found the build quality to be slightly above average. It is a fine line between building an ultra-lightweight and portable grill with Weber quality. With an MSRP in the low $200 range it's what you’d expect.

Coleman Portable LXE Grill Heigth

Final Thoughts On Coleman Roadtrip Portable LXE Grill

The Coleman LXE Roadtrip Grill was a great buy. I would buy it again and use it more much more than camping. I’ve found it perfect for beach outings, family functions, and sporting events. I found the weight to be a bit cumbersome and the absence of a charcoal feature disappointing, but it never under delivered. It cooked our food perfectly, despite windy conditions, and its setup innovative and refreshing.


  • Easy setup (within seconds)
  • Large cooking surface (285 sq. in.)
  • 20 lb. adaptation for propane available
  • 20,000 BTU’s
  • Utensil holder and side shelves
  • Large color array

  • No charcoal feature
  • Interchangeable Cooktops sold separately
  • Weighs 41 pounds with legs
Coleman Roadtrip Grill

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