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Travel Humidifier with water bottle
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Boneco 7146 Travel Humidifier

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The Boneco Travel Humdifier is an interesting thing for you to use when you are going to a hotel you do not know, to a climate you do not know, and in a place where you do not know the environment. A travel humidifier can help you make sure that you have the best possible air to breathe when you are go into a remote office or a hotel you have never seen before. 

You might be the sort of person who has asthma or a related breathing problem that will make it hard for you to function when you are traveling. The travel humidifier will prevent your throat from drying out, and you will never have any issue with your breathing. Have you been traveling with a dry throat, getting off planes that left you parched, and having problems sleeping? You can use a travel humidifier to solve that problem.

What Is It?

The Boneco cool mist travel humidifier is a tiny machine that you can set up and plug in on any flat surface. You could put this device on your desk, on the nightstand, or on a table across the room. The device is so small that you can fit it into any bag, and it will produce a cool mist that uses one gallon of water every 24 hours. This is the perfect rate for an average sized room, and you will discover that the device does not make much noise.

The Boneco humidifier is a great thing to use when you do not have much room for a humidifier, and you certainly do not want your device to make so much noise that you have problems with working in the room where it is running. Plus, you have to remember that most people who are trying to get help with their breathing problems will want to turn this device on when they realize the air is too dry. 

If you are staying in a hotel room, you might leave it on for most of the day. If you are going to an office, you can set up the humidifier in the corner so that everyone is comfortable.

Boneco Travel Humidifier being used in a room

How Does It Work?

The Boneco humidifier actually gives you a chance to fill a small water trough inside the device, or you can use the adapter that allows you to attach a standard water bottle. The device will balance the water bottle that you turned upside down to run the unit, and you can refill the bottle any time that you like. You can run this device with power from the outlet in your room, and you can refill it with any kind of water that you want.

The Base Of A Boneco Travel Humidifier

Travel Bag And Maintenance Accesories

The travel bag is a great thing to have when you are traveling with this device. You could go anywhere in the world where you need a nice humidifier, and you can fold the whole device into a tiny bag. The device also fits the filters inside the bag. 

The filters that you get with this device come with a special charcoal disk that is very easy for you to replace, and you can buy a packet of those filters online so that you do not need to filter the water yourself. You can get the water from anywhere you want, and you can run that water through the device with no trouble.

You also might want to get a cleaner and descaler that will help you keep the device in great condition. This humidifier is very easy for you to manage because you can keep it in good condition while also traveling with the filters and the cleaner you need. You never want to smell dirty air coming from the humidifier.

Boneco Travel Humidifier being used in the dark

Final Thoughts On Boneco Travel Humidifier

The humidifier that you travel with will change your life, keep your throat moist, and help avoid those annoying coughs. Plus, you can travel anywhere you want with the Boneco.


  • Easy to travel with
  • Get an adapter so you can use traditional water bottles
  • You can use a filter to clean the mist that comes out
  • You can get a cleaner that will keep the mist fresh
  • You can plug the device into any outlet

  • This device is not large enough to tackle a massive room
  • You might need to refill the water bottle a little too often
  • You might want something that you can set on the floor or even on carpet
Travel Humidifier with water bottle

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