Bodum Travel Tea and Coffee Press Review

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Bodum Travel Press Coffee Maker
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Bodum Travel Tea and Coffee Press

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Travel Coffee Maker




This is a review of Bodum Travel Tea and Coffee Press. Make sure that you read our in-depth review before you buy.

It’s hard to slow down and enjoy a cup of coffee each day. With life so busy, having an on-the-go French press lets you enjoy a strong cup of coffee as you rush out the door to that important appointment. The Bodum Travel Coffee Press is a great solution with a smart design that allows you to make a cup of coffee using your favorite coffee beans while you travel to work. 

Considered a master in the coffee business, Bodum has been making coffee for a long time. With their French Press design, they are taking the portable travel mug to the next level. Not only with this travel mug keep your coffee hot, but it will brew both tea and coffee while you are on the go. 


Constructed of durable stainless steel, the Bodum uses a double-wall design that can keep your drink cold or hot for several hours. With the vacuum sealed lid, you don’t have to worry about spilling. Plus, the plunger system that is included in the lid lets you enjoy all your preferred hot drinks. 

The Bodum can hold up to 15 ounces and features non-slip grips made of colorful silicone. This is an easy to carry cup that you can take anywhere, plus it is BPA-Plastic free. 

Bodum Travel French Press With Snap Lid

What Is It?

If you enjoy great coffee, you need the Bodum Travel Coffee Press. Not only does it help you hit the road quickly when you are in a rush, but you also can get the full flavor of your favorite coffee beans. And don’t worry about being in a hurry. The lid is spill-proof making it a safe cup to take with you in the car or even on outdoor hikes. The Bodum travels well and works perfectly for outdoor adventurers climbing a mountain or tubing down a rough river.

The Bodum Travel Coffee Press is the perfect stocking stuffer, birthday, or Christmas gift. It’s also a great gift to share with a new colleague at work to say, “Welcome”. Perfect for any occasion, the Bodum Travel Coffee Press is a smart choice for everyone you know. 

In the wintertime, you can’t find a better travel mug. During the morning brew, the Bodum Travel Coffee Press is a great way to keep your hands warm by using the heat that comes from its stainless steel bottom while you walk to the train station or wait for the bus. Plus, if you find it’s too hot, just use the colorful silicone grip to comfortable hold the cup while you continue with your commute. Since the Bodum stays hot for hours, it’s a great way to combat the cold winter weather. 

Using the Bodum Travel French Press

To use the Bodum Travel Mug, you will need to have 30 grams of your preferred coffee beans, a hand grinder, and 12 ounces of water. Place ground beans into the Bodum and then slowly add boiling hot water. Stir at the halfway point and then pour remaining boiling water into the cup. After one last stir, place the lid on firmly. When you are ready to drink, push down on the plunger and enjoy! If you are short on time, skip the stirring and just add the ground coffee and hot water. 

Bodum Travle French Press with Water


Reviewers have been impressed with the Bodum brand for years, and they continue to be happy with the new French press travel mug. Specifically, reviewers loved how the mugs stack, so if you are taking two, they are easy to carry to your car while letting you keep one hand free. They also love the high quality of the construction as well as the design.

Reviewers also suggest using adding cream and sugar through the drink hole so your coffee continues to stay nice and hot. Another suggests the way to make the best-tasting coffee, after you add the hot water, wait a few minutes before adding sugar and then cream. Plus, you should add one ice cube before you put on the top and plunger.

Final Thoughts On Bodum Travel Tea And Coffee Press

If you are looking for a reliable travel mug that can also make satisfying coffee, The Bodum Travel French Press is perfect for every busy person out there. If you are always on the go, you want this handy mug that can brew your coffee while you are driving to work. It is also the perfect gift for co-workers, family, and friends, so make sure to spread the joy that the Bodum Travel French Press brings every morning. 


  • Does a good job of keeping your tea warm
  • Has a nice mouthpiece
  • Cool, clean design
  • Lid snaps shut tightly to stop spilling
  • Well-insulated
  • Easy to carry and spill-proof
  • Poor filtering system
  • Isn’t always good at catching all the grinds
  • Easily stains from the coffee
Bodum Travel Press Coffee Maker

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It is one of the most highly rated travel coffee and tea press on the market.

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